In 2014 rose gold was a very popular choice for engagement rings. Its delicate coloring provides a great base for a crust of diamonds, or a simple, elegant stone. Style mavens will be interested to note that trending color tones for the 2015 wedding season emphasize gentle hues of pink and red, making complimentary rose gold jewelry likely to continue increasing in popularity.

Rose gold, also sometimes called “pink gold” was popularized in the 1920’s by the renowned jewelers of Cartier, who produced a “Trinity” ring with three intertwining bands of rose, white, and yellow gold. The beautifully colored gold became more popular and widespread as Cartier’s ring was sported by celebrities and socialites. Attractive and versatile, this metal can be used to tie together an outfit that mixes metals or gold tones, or lend a unique and vintage air to any piece.

All gold used for jewelry must be mixed with other metals to increase its durability, but what is unique about this particular variety of gold is its copper content. The dose of copper used in rose gold as an alloy is what makes rose gold jewelry have its distinct pink tinge. This high copper content also makes rose gold particularly difficult to work for its increased malleability. Copper, of course, has the tendency to oxidize, so precious pieces of jewelry will likely need to be serviced by a professional. Rose gold can develop a different texture where heat is applied for repair work, so be sure you are selecting a jeweler you can trust, with experience working with rose gold. At Harris Jewelers, we have several people on staff more than comfortable and qualified to design and repair pieces of rose gold jewelry.

This blushing gold alloy is an excellent choice for jewelry of all varieties- rings, necklaces, and bracelets- for its subtle way of complimenting all skin tones. The understated elegance of rose gold is distinctly feminine, and looks fantastic against neutral tones. Rose gold offers new variations for fashionistas in the yellow gold and silver dominated jewelry scene, adding a bit of unique flair to any outfit.

Ready to take a look at some rose gold? Stop by Harris Jewelers and browse our selection of rose gold jewelry. Have something particular in mind? Talk to us about our custom design services! We’re sure to have the perfect rose gold piece to set you apart from the crowd.

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