Happy very belated birthday to all you September babies out there! Lucky you, your birthstone is the sapphire, an elegant gem with a distinct blue color. When it comes to toughness, the sapphire is ideal. It’s a relatively hard stone, making it ideal for rings and other kinds of mountings, safe for everyday wear. Regardless of your birthday, if you’re lucky enough to own a sapphire, take good care of it so it can last you for a lifetime. Here are some tips for when it comes to taking care of your sapphire jewelry.

The sapphire, whose composition is similar to that of the ruby, is quite hard. It is this strength that makes it an excellent choice for jewelry that needs to be sturdy and able to stand up to general wear and tear. Paired with its hardness is the stone’s excellent stability. Sapphires stand up to light and heat exposure, elements that are sometimes abrasive to other gems.

Just because the sapphire is durable, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated with care, like all precious stones. Occasional cleaning will keep this lovely autumn birthstone sparkling for years to come. Generally, warm water and a mild soap is safe for cleaning sapphire, but take extra care with fractured stones, and use only a damp cloth for care.

We have lots of experts on hand at Harris Jewelers to answer questions about this unique stone. Come in any time of the year and browse our selection of sapphires and other beautiful stones. Now that October is nearly here, perhaps an opal?

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