Just like a car, a fine watch needs regular maintenance in order to stay working at its very best. But, just when should you have your watch serviced? And what does that service entail? The extent of the service on a watch and when it should be assessed by a professional jeweler often depends on the particulars of the timepiece- its make, its age, its movement. As a general rule, watch batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years, while maintenance on a watch should be performed every 3-5 years. Different brands, however, require different care. A Quartz watch, for example, may need its battery replaced anywhere between 1-5 years, depending on the size of the cell and the overall power consumption of the watch. Additionally, high end timepieces may not need service for as long as a decade!

When the watch of your battery needs to be replaced, make sure you enlist the help of a trusted professional. A professional watch technician can select the correct battery for the make of watch, and correctly put the gaskets and seals back in place after making the change. Incorrectly placed gaskets can cause a lot of problems- like ruin your watch’s water resistance. Don’t let that happen to a valued piece!

Regular maintenance, aside from battery replacement, should be done at slightly longer intervals- every 3-5 years. One of most important reasons that a mechanical watch needs this kind of attention is that all of its inner movements are lightly lubricated to reduce friction. Keeping the inner workings of your watch well oiled ensures accuracy; without it, your watch must endure increased wear and tear, and eventually, it will become less precise.

A proper tune up for a mechanical watch can be quite complicated. First, a certified watch technician will thoroughly inspect the piece, then the process involves a survey of the oils and lubricants, checking the gears, teeth, wheels, and the crown, and looking for and eliminating any scratches. Servicing may also include disassembling all the parts and placing them in a chemical solution that dissolves dirt, oil, residue, and dust. The watch is then reassembled, with any necessary oils replaced. This process requires a fine eye, lots of time, and incredible precision.

At Harris Jewelers, in addition to a staff of registered jewelers, gemologists, and certified sales associates, we also have a certified watch technician. If you have questions or concerns about your timepiece, rest assured that our staff of experts can give you useful answers, information, and keep your watch functioning perfectly whether you bought it yesterday or 50 years ago.

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