At the end of March, we decided to install solar panels at Harris Jewelers’ Rio Rancho store. Like most Americans, going green and reducing our impact as individuals and as a business has come to guide many of our decisions. As such, we’re thrilled to display our jewelry under lighting facilitated by solar energy.

If you’ve visited a jewelry store recently, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of thought has gone into the display of the fine jewelry available for purchase there. From surfaces to glass cases, each decision is made to consciously draw out the beauty of particular stones and metals. Working alongside these elements is display lighting. When it comes to selling jewelry, you might have a well-designed store and beautiful products, but if you don’t have the best possible light, your diamonds won’t sparkle as much as they might, and your gold just won’t have the shine that enthusiasts tend to love about it.

For this reason, jewelers tend to prioritize lighting, and use an abundance of it, lighting showcases from above and within the case. Lighting for jewelry tends to be direct and intense, allowing the jewelry to glimmer to its full potential. In addition to orientation and intensity of lighting, heat and coloring must be carefully controlled in order to create a comfortable and inviting environment.

As you can imagine, all this lighting becomes not only expensive, but exhausts a great deal of energy. Since the installation of our new, more economical and eco-friendly energy source at Harris Jewelers, we’ve offset 1,900 pounds of carbon- the equivalent of 22 trees! By installing two separate solar systems, one on either side of our building, we’ve been able to make a serious impact in just a few short weeks without compromising on our display lighting.

The staff of Harris Jewelers is thrilled to continue to make changes to our building, our display, and our operations to promote efficiency and ecology as we continue expanding our business and delivering quality jewelry to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

Want to check out our lighting powered by our new solar panels? Stop in and visit us! We’re located at 36th Place SE in Rio Rancho!

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