Harris Jewelers of Rio Rancho, New Mexico is proud to announce our new membership with the American Gem Trade Association. Throughout the United States and Canada, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is committed to education, networking, and growth of gemstone related businesses. From wholesalers, to artists, to designers and retailers like us, the AGTA promotes ethical business and trade throughout the gemstone and Cultured Pearl industries.

As a member of the AGTA, we at Harris Jewelers are guaranteed to provide the highest quality gemstones. We must sign a disclosure as to how each gemstone was treated or enhanced. The AGTA has its own list of enhancement codes that have been implemented by The International Colored Gemstone Association and The World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) in order to make the codes universal. As retailers, we must disclose to the customer what these codes mean for each gem in order to honestly inform them of their true quality. For example, the gem popularly known as jade oftentimes has an enhancement code of “B”, meaning it has undergone a bleaching process in order to remove the natural brown component of the gem. However, when acid bleached, the gem can become porous meaning it is more susceptible to breaking and it therefore, often filled with polymers. The AGTA and FTC would require this type of enhancement to be disclosed to the buyer. Through these requirements, the AGTA promotes authentic and ethical business by allowing retailers and wholesalers to provide quality gems and believes that confident customers are comfortable customers.

As an AGTA member, we at Harris Jewelers serve beautifully designed and quality crafted jewelry pieces to New Mexico and around the country. We enjoy giving back to our community and are honored to be members of the AGTA to promote our ethical business standards and bring quality gemstones into the community.

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