No matter how long you’ve known her, it can be a challenge to pick out the right present that will show your wife or girlfriend just how much you treasure her. At Harris Jewelers, we believe finding a unique and stunning piece of jewelry is a great way to say you love her this holiday season. And we’ve got some good news: shopping for her isn’t as hard as you might think! Here are some tips from our experts:

1. Learn about her taste. Take a peek at her current jewelry collection, paying attention to what she likes. Does she wear more silver or more gold? White gold or rose gold? That’ll give you somewhere to start. Does she stick with dainty, minimalist pieces, or does she go for bold statement pieces? Classic or eclectic? This’ll help you determine what styles to focus your search on. Are there certain colors of clothing she wears often? You’ll want to pick jewelry that’ll coordinate well with what she wears and feels comfortable in. Maybe she has a necklace and bracelet she wears often, but she’s missing the matching earrings. Learning about her taste in jewelry will help you shop for something she’ll love!

2. Do some research. Now that you’ve determined that she favors white gold and goes for minimalism, or that you’re searching for the perfect garnet ring to complete her favorite set, educate yourself. What’s a reasonable price for a white gold necklace or silver ring with semiprecious stones? Know the signs of quality to look for, make sure the piece you’re considering is real, not plated, dyed or man-made. Examine the mechanics of the piece, look at jump rings and clasps. Inspect the stones for chips or cracks. Find out if the piece can be sized if necessary. Doing your homework will help you narrow down your search, and ensure that you get a fair price for a quality piece. If you don’t know where to begin, our Jewelry 101 blog post is a great place to start.

3. Make it personal. The jewelry you buy for your wife or girlfriend should be a symbol of your love for her. Your love is unique, and so the jewelry you buy for her should be too! Handcrafted, artisanal fine jewelry is our specialty, and we are happy to work with our customers to craft unique, customized pieces with sentimental value. Stop by and learn about our custom design process!

Finding your wife or girlfriend jewelry that she’ll love isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Observing what she likes will not only make the selection process easier, but it will show her how much you appreciate her. Educating yourself beforehand and learning about the types of metals and gemstones available, will make your trip to Harris Jewelers in Rio Rancho a much more comfortable experience. We’ll help you select a piece of jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind or has special significance to your relationship. Now you’re ready to go find her an amazing gift she’ll love!

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