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Jewelry Appraisals and Insurance

Harris Jewelers is proud to offer in-store professional jewelry appraisals and reports, using the latest technology combined with our decades of experience. Visit our jewelry store in Rio Rancho at 909 36th Place SE, about one mile west of Highway 528 on Southern Blvd.

Jewelry and Watch Appraisals- We have the most knowledgeable and experienced appraisers you can find in New Mexico and have been American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraisers since 1992. We can appraise all kinds of jewelry including diamonds, gemstones, watches, estate items, and much more.

Appraisals typically take several days; we do offer a same-day jewelry appraisal at an additional charge. If you need a same-day appraisal, please call for an appointment and plan on it taking approximately 1 ½ hours.

When we do an appraisal or a jewelry repair, we have a thorough intake process for your item. We show you your item and its gemstones in our binocular microscope, not a jeweler’s loupe, and educate you about the stones. We use that information to describe your item and any gemstones in our detailed receipt which also includes a full color image of your piece that we are temporarily safekeeping for the appraisal or repair. When you pick up the piece, you must provide that receipt and we will again show you the item under the microscope and review the appraisal report or the repair work with you. All jewelry must be picked up within 30 days.

If you haven't had your jewelry appraised in the past five years, we recommend you have it documented in detail today. Most appraisals are done for the purpose of obtaining insurance coverage in the case of loss, damage or theft. However, our appraisals can be used for many different situations such as estate tax evaluation, value comparison, casualty loss, dissolution of marriage (divorce), collateral and barter purposes.

Jewelry Lab Reports are also available if you would like an independent opinion on your diamond or gemstone. We can help you choose the correct lab for your report. We'll make sure your jewelry gets there safely, and explain the terminology when the report comes back from the lab.

Harris Jewelers in Rio Rancho, NM offers Jewelery Appraisals and Jewelry Insurance

If your diamond is damaged, we can evaluate the damaged diamond for a recut or repair with our Sarin machine technology. While we do not offer these recutting/repairing services on-site, we can assist you in having your diamond repaired. We will show you your diamond under the microscope, provide Sarin documentation for a partial or full recut and ship your diamond insured to our recutting services in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Harris Jewelers is one of the select jewelers to have a Sarin machine, manufactured by Sarin Technologies. The Sarin machine is a measuring device (or proportion analyzer) that uses an infrared video unit connected to a computer. It is capable of measuring the different parts of the diamonds accurately to within 2 to 4 hundredths of a millimeter. It's the most accurate device available for measuring diamonds. The Sarin machine is a patented precision machine that works in conjunction with very high tech software. Using visual images of the diamonds facets, the machine takes two-dimensional photos to create a three dimensional model of the diamond. Angles are measured with precise detail and recorded, allowing us to provide a more accurate appraisal and documentation of your stone.

A Sarin Report is the printout of the measured diamond angles, recorded to the 1/100th of a percentage by our Sarin machine. It measures diameter, crown angle, crown height, pavilion angle, pavilion depth, culet size, table size, total depth, and girdle thickness. This report allows the consumer to compare how well cut a diamond is in relation to the ideal cut proportions for a diamond.

We have the new American Gem Society Lab Desktop Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool, or ASET Machine. The ASET shows light return with great detail, as light is color-coded 3 ways. This is very important because the quality of light that comes from around and above is not identical. The ASET detects light leakage and identifies where light is actually being returned by a diamond using reflector type technology.

Jewelry Insurance is available to protect your purchases. Jewelers Mutual Insurance is the only insurance company that specializes in protecting the personal jewelry of citizens in the United States. Founded in 1913, Jewelers Mutual is licensed in all 50 states, and and is the leading insurer focused on personal jewelry coverage. As a professional jeweler, we are committed to providing a full range of services, from helping you make the right selection to backing up your purchase if there is a problem. With that in mind, we do recommend that you consider a policy for Personal Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the nation's jewelry insurance specialists.

Ring and Gemstone Testing

Fine jewelry is beautifully crafted to last for generations, but accidents do happen. Loss or damage to these items can be emotionally and financially devastating. Your Personal Jewelry insurance policy will repair or replace your insured jewelry if it is lost, stolen or damaged. It even covers "mysterious disappearance." What's more, if you have a covered loss, Jewelers Mutual will ask that you return it to us to have your jewelry repaired or replaced instead of mailing it off to someone you don't know. Furthermore, jewelry losses you experience with Jewelers Mutual will not affect your existing homeowner’s policy. Jewelry losses you turn in on your homeowner’s policy will count towards your continued eligibility and may even impact your homeowner’s premium.

For more information, stop by our store and pick up a brochure on the program or call Jewelers Mutual direct at 1-888-884-2424 or visit them at www.jewelersmutual.com. We would also be happy to provide the insurance appraisals needed to insure your jewelry.

Insurance Replacement Assistance is available if you do suffer the loss of your jewelry. Let us assist you in your time of need. We specialize in helping find replacement jewelry when you experience a loss. Our access to a diverse and deep selection of manufacturers enables us to find the exact piece you are looking to replace.

We work to identify jewelry of equal kind, quality and value as the original. You'll also find a large selection in our showroom, or we may be able to customize a piece to match your lost item. We also bill your insurance policy to cover that item, saving you time and frustration.

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