All April babies are lucky enough to have a timeless gem as their birthstone- the diamond. In honor of this month’s birthstone as well as our huge selection of diamonds at Harris Jewelers, we would like to outline some of the basics of proper diamond care in order to keep your beautiful birthstones sparkling for many Aprils to come.

Diamonds are always a great gift for a loved one, particularly those celebrating birthdays in April. Now, local jewelers like us are offering more choices than ever, with a multitude of cuts and styles available to showcase a verifiably high quality diamond. We’ll even make a memorable custom piece of jewelry for the unique love in your life. Yet, once you have a piece of diamond jewelry that you adore, how to make sure that it shines for ages?

No matter how much you love your diamond jewelry, sometimes it is necessary to give it a break from daily wear and tear. A few days a week, leave your jewelry somewhere safe at home, instead of wearing it all day. Natural oils from your skin can dull prize jewelry over time. At the very least, take off your diamonds while you sleep. Yes, even that beautiful diamond engagement ring! Make sure you have somewhere secure where you always leave your jewelry in order to avoid the panic that comes with being unable to find it in the morning!

When you live in a dry climate like we do in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, moisturizing our hands with lotion can be absolutely necessary. Lotion, however, can be extremely detrimental to diamond jewelry. Remember, if you can’t avoid using lotion entirely, always take off your jewelry before applying it, since moisture from lotion can become trapped behind the stone as well as obscure the clarity of your diamond. Removing diamond rings before even so much as washing your hands is a good idea to preserve them more thoroughly.

No matter what your diamond is set in- whether it is platinum, silver, gold, or even rose gold– make sure to be conscious of your movements, as fidgeting motions and wear during sports activities can gradually wear down the metal and loosen the diamond in its setting.

Lastly, as with all of your jewelry pieces, no matter what stone or metal they are made with, be sure to give them regular, gentle cleanings. Cleaning is a simple way to ensure that your diamond maintains its brilliance over time. Apply a non-abrasive cleaner to the jewelry and gently scrub it with a soft bristled toothbrush for maximum shine. Never use toothpaste to your jewelry, however, it is an abrasive that can damage your wares. A jewelry cleaner will dissolve dirt and oil build up from regular wear. If you need some advice on finding the ideal cleaner for your jewelry, speak with the certified staff of Harris Jewelers. Of course, we can also assist you in finding the perfect piece of diamond jewelry to take care of for years to come. During the cleaning process, we can also inspect for a loose stone, or repair any broken prongs. We’d muchr ather fix a broken prong than replace a stone for our clients!

Happy birthday to all our customers born in April! Commemorate another year with a beautiful diamond ring, bracelet, or necklace from your friends at Harris Jewelers!

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