Recently many jewelry stores in the Albuquerque area have been selling diamonds at extremely low costs, along with certificates. Consumers tend to trust the authenticity of a stone and a jeweler when these papers are involved, but buyer beware! There is a lot more that goes into buying a quality diamond and a certification can’t always be equated with excellence. At Harris Jewelers we sell both certified and uncertified diamonds so long as our staff of certified gemologists have assessed the stone and deem it to be of superior quality.

While a certification on a diamond from a reputable source (like The Gemological Institute of America or The American Gem Society) enhances the overall value of a diamond, it is not absolutely essential for individuals that want to know that they are buying a quality diamond. In fact, sometimes retailers sell a customer on the certification rather than the stone itself, convincing them to buy a lower quality diamond for a higher price.

You can ensure you’re selecting a fine stone by performing a little research and evaluation of your own. When it comes to assessing the quality and value of a diamond, you should focus on what jewelers refer to as “the four C’s”- carat, cut, clarity, and color.

The carat of a stone refers to its weight, not its size. A well cut diamond can sometimes appear larger than badly cut diamond of equal weight.

The color of a fine diamond is a strong indicator of its quality, and we stock a variety of stones with different colors. Color is graded, with clearer stones indicating higher value and quality.

The cut of a diamond is where the skill of its makers really comes to light. The way a diamond is cut will make it more prone to reflect bright, creating a stunning effect when worn as a piece of jewelry! Make sure the cut of the diamond you select achieves maximum brilliance. When our staff selects a diamond for an engagement ring or something similar, we prioritize all factors contributing to the quality of the stone, but we sure do love a diamond that sparkles!

The last thing to consider when shopping for a diamond is the clarity of the stone. Clarity denotes the number of flaws in a diamond. At Harris Jewelers we always take careful note of each diamond’s clarity and grade the stone accordingly.

When you’re ready to purchase a stone- whether or not it has a certification- look at it under a microscope. Ask your jeweler direct questions and make sure they give you straight, comprehensive answers. At Harris Jewelers we pride ourselves on the quality of every stone we sell, and make sure we deliver real value to our customers in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque.

Ready to shop for a diamond? Stop in at our store in Rio Rancho!

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