Ring Sizing and Cleaning

At Harris Jewelers in Rio Rancho, we offer complimentary cleaning of your rings, even if you didn’t purchase them from us! Jewelry always sparkles more beautifully when it’s clean, so we’re happy to offer free cleaning!

We offer ring sizing to make sure your ring fits properly. This work is done in our store by our on-site jewelers. We recommend that your finger be sized near the end of the day, when it’s at its largest diameter. In general, a wider band can be worn more loosely than a narrow band. Those with slimmer knuckles or smaller hands should wear their rings a little tighter.

Most rings can be re-sized, but a few cannot. Rings that are made of titanium or tungsten steel, stone-set rings with complicated or precise mountings, or extremely thin or wide rings cannot be re-sized easily.

If your ring has inlaid stones or a pattern in the metal, we can likely craft that into the re-sized ring as well, so that the design is continuous even if the ring diameter is larger or smaller in size.

Online ring-sizing charts that you print and wrap around your finger are very inaccurate. To protect your jewelry investment, stop by Harris Jewelers and let our staff create the perfect fit on your cherished rings.

Pearl Restringing

Pearl and bead restringing is available at Harris Jewelers. Pearls should be restrung every few years. If you wear them a lot, we recommend every two years. We can make your pearl or bead necklace or bracelet look like new. Pearls are individually hand-knotted so that the pearls don’t rub against each other. Graduated or multiple strands are no problem for our experts. Pearls should never be hung as that will stretch the string; instead lay them flat in a pouch or small bag made of soft natural cloth. Don’t neglect a pearl heirloom when it is so easy and inexpensive to get it restrung.


Engraving jewelry items adds a personal touch and can help aid in identification. At Harris Jewelers, we can engrave in script or block text, or add monograms, poems, or even family crests. If you’d like your wedding rings personalized, we can engrave on the inside or outside. Both precise machine engraving and expert hand engraving are available. We have a Roland engraving machine that can create unique pieces like custom key chains, medallions and charms for beautiful, customized gifts.

Timepiece Services

If your watch needs some attention, the Harris Jewelers watchmakers can help! We can repair your watch, almost every brand of watch, regardless of its age, and we can fix most pocket watches too.

If you need a new watch battery, a replacement watch band, or band adjustment, we can perform most of those duties while you wait, including sizing a watch bracelet. If it’s time for a new watchband, we have band replacements in leather, metal and rubber options.

We offer full service on quartz watches, which include disassembling the watch, then ultrasonically cleaning and polishing the case and bracelet, and replacing the battery. If the gaskets are old, we’ll replace those, then reseal the watch to factory specifications. We recommend that all water-resistant watches have their water resistance checked every time the battery is changed.

Mechanical watch repair and service from certified specialists includes the disassembly and overhaul of the movement, with an examination of all parts. We replace damaged or worn parts and then re-seal water-resistant cases. Each of the mechanical watch’s parts are placed in special chemical solutions that dissolve dirt, dust, and emulsify any dried oils. When the watch is reassembled, special oils are applied to lubricate all essential parts. We recommend that a general overhaul be performed every three years and that all water-resistant watches be tested once a year for case tightness. In addition, we polish and thoroughly clean the watch band.

And, when you’re ready to consider a new timepiece, we offer competitive pricing for preferred selections of all major brands at Harris Jewelers.

Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry repairs are easy at Harris Jewelers! Our on-site jewelers can repair almost any jewelry item or timepiece! assorted jewelryCall or stop by for a free consultation on expert evaluation and jewelry repair. We’ll give you an estimate before we repair it, so you never have a surprise. There are many different factors in repairing your fine and costume jewelry items, and we’re happy to give you a second opinion. We can do full spectrum metal repair work in any metal including platinum, gold, silver, sterling silver or a combination of metals. We can also repair inlaid jewelry and Indian jewelry items. Whether you need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sizing, or a piece repaired, come see us. Our highly-skilled jewelers can reset diamonds, repair all types of costume and vintage jewelry, refurbish antique jewelry pieces, replace foilback stones, convert non-pierced vintage earrings to pierced earrings– you name it, we can do it. We also recommend that you have your jewelry inspected every six months for your most-frequently-worn items, in order to find loose stones, worn prongs or other concerns. If your diamond is damaged, we can evaluate the damaged diamond for a recut or repair with our Sarin machine technology. While we do not offer these recutting/repairing services on-site, we can assist you in having your diamond repaired. We will show you your diamond under the microscope, provide Sarin documentation for a partial or full recut and ship your diamond insured to our recutting services in Lafayette, LA.

Laser Welding

Laser Welding is the ability to weld metals, using amplified light as the source, to produce the weld. Laser welding uses a specific wave length of light to accomplish the welding process. This light is concentrated, adjusted, and controlled by the jeweler, much in the same way as he or she would control and adjust the flame of a soldering torch. However, unlike soldering, laser welding is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective for many manufacturing and repair problems. All of the traditional jewelry metals can be laser-welded including all base metals, karat gold, sterling silver, titanium, palladium, and platinum! Interestingly enough, platinum, which has historically been one of the most difficult metals to work with and repair, is one of the easiest metals to repair with laser technology! Welding different metals groups is also possible, such as gold to platinum, sterling to gold, etc. For more information about laser welding for your jewelry repair or one-of-a-kind creation, ask your Harris Jewelers specialist.

We Buy Gold!

At Harris Jewelers, we can purchase or take a trade-in on unwanted gold, silver, platinum or diamonds that you no longer want. As certified jewelers, we’ll offer you a fair appraisal for your unwanted items, and give you cash or credit toward another item in our store– your choice. We understand that sometimes these jewelry items hold sentimental value, so you’ll never be pressured to make a decision. Our cash for gold program is easy, and we’ll show you right before your eyes, every step of the way, how we determine the value for your items. We’ll offer the best price for your gold and you’ll never have to send your items away, or visit a traveling cash-for-gold event at a hotel or temporary location. Sell your unwanted jewelry or trade it in for a new piece that you love at Harris Jewelers!

Harris in the Community

We know who pays our bills and who recommends us every day. Our local community and the people who live and work in it. We understand the importance of “Giving Back”; that these are not just hollow words but words that we strive to do every day. We are always active in our community affairs and are proud to be members of such a great “City of Vision”. Our list may be long, but we love to see it grow everyday! Support those listed below by visiting their websites (if we have the link) and support them as they strive to help others in our great community.

If you could like to be considered for a donation for a raffle, please contact Gina Swift.


Organizations We Sponsor


Tips for our Community

In December 2008, the Staff at Harris Jewelers decided that we needed a tip jar for small jobs done on the spot in the store. We then decided that we didn’t need the tips ourselves and that we should donate them to a non-profit organization in the Rio Rancho community. So we set up our “Tip Jar” with a new recipient named every quarter. We have donated as much as $814.41 in just one quarter with the Rio Rancho community’s awesome and generous contributions.

  • First Tip Jar 2008 Storehouse West
  • 1st Quarter 2009 Watermelon Mountain Ranch
  • 2nd Quarter 2009 Haven House
  • 3rd Quarter 2009 NAMI
  • 4th Quarter 2009 People Helping People, ACCH, CASA & Hatches Parrot Place
  • 1st Quarter 2010 Wounded Warriors
  • 2nd Quarter 2010 Boys and Girls Club
  • 3rd Quarter 2010 NAMI
  • 4th Quarter 2010 Blue Star Moms
  • 1st Quarter 2011 Paws and Stripes
  • 2nd Quarter 2011 Haven House
  • 3rd Quarter 2011 Watermelon Mountain Ranch
  • 4th Quarter 2011 What Would You Give
  • 1st Quarter 2012 Rio Rancho Astronomical Society
  • 2nd Quarter 2012 St. Felix Pantry
  • 3rd Quarter 2012 Storehouse West
  • 4th Quarter 2012 Rio Rancho Boys and Girls Club
  • 1st Quarter 2013 NM Dogs Deserve Better
  • 2nd Quarter 2013 Loving Thunder
  • 3rd Quarter 2013 People Helping People
  • 4th Quarter 2013 CASA
  • 1st Quarter 2014 Robo Runners
  • 2nd Quarter 2014 NAMI
  • 3rd Quarter 2014 Military Order of The Purple Heart
  • 4th Quarter 2014 Second Chance Animal Rescue
  • 1st Quarter 2015 A Park Above
  • 2nd Quarter 2015 Read West
  • 3rd Quarter 2015 STEM Girls
  • 4th Quarter 2015 Rio Rancho Rockets Special Olympics

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