The opal may be October’s birthstone, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from incorporating this versatile stone into your repertoire- no matter when your birthday is! Whether or not you read into the many, many mystical associations of this gem (from a talisman of faithfulness, to a disease repellant) there is no debate as to the brilliance of this totally unique stone. Harris Jewelers, your purveyor of local jewelry service and value, has a wide selection of handpicked opal jewelry pieces that will keep you up to date with late winter and early spring jewelry trends, which include the ever popular opal.

Human beings have been adorning their bodies with opal since ancient times. In ancient Greece the stone was prized for its beauty as well as its symbolic indication of truth and purity. In the middle ages, the gem was coveted for its purported luckiness, since it possessed all the colors, and hence, all the virtues of every gemstone. Add a little good fortune to your wardrobe with some stylish opal jewelry from Harris Jewelers this month. We’ve got the trendiest earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, and while they may be on trend for the spring season, history tells us this stone will never go out of style.

Estate earrings- those styled after vintage pieces- are also making a splash this season. The versatile opal is perfectly matched for earrings crafted in this style, and the stone’s timeless appeal will make your new set of earrings from Harris Jewelers an heirloom in the making. Alternatively, to get this hip look, we’re always happy to restore or repair your vintage jewelry pieces.

Want a nontraditional cut or a bold mounting for your new opal stone? We’ve got you covered. Harris Jewelers offers handcrafted, custom jewelry made to your precise tastes and specifications. No matter how you choose to display your opal, this glossy stone of many colors will provide a versatile addition to your jewelry collection that can be matched with nearly any outfit. Stay ahead of the trends by stopping in at Harris Jewelers today for a striking opal jewelry piece.

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