In response to the recent New Mexico State Supreme Court decision, we are seeing more gay and lesbian couples at Harris Jewelers. These couples are looking for unique wedding rings to symbolize their love and commitment. We are honored to be able to help them visualize and create the perfect rings. Whether it’s a beautiful matched set of platinum wedding bands, or a vintage yet contemporary styled wedding set, we love creating rings to commemorate their special wedding day, just as we do all brides and grooms.

Here at Harris Jewelers, we get to play with sparkly, beautiful jewelry every day. We love helping all of our customers, gay or straight, old or young, design the perfect wedding rings for their special day. The legalization of gay marriage might be new to New Mexico, but we have been serving our LGBT customers for years. Bring us your ideas and let us make your designs into the wedding rings of your dreams.

Matching or complimentary? Precious or contemporary metal? Diamonds or one of a kind fabulous colored gemstones? These are all options for lasting wedding ring jewelry.

And if your Big Day a bit away, we offer interest free layaway on all of our gorgeous jewelry for you and your partner. Several conditions apply, come on in and let us share the details.

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