Here are some of our tips on how to take the best care of your Harris’ Jewelers rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

You love your Harris’ Jewelers jewelry, and you want your timeless pieces to last forever, but daily tasks and frequent wear can result in damage to the metals or stones in your jewelry. However, you can easily protect and maintain your jewelry by taking proper care of it, and removing it before certain activities.

Harris’ Jewelers jewelry is great for almost every occasion, but that doesn’t mean you should wear your jewelry at all times. It’s important to remove your jewelry for certain activities. Chlorine can damage gold and platinum, and cause discoloration and chemicals in pool water can erode gemstones, so do not wear your jewelry to the pool or spa. Contact sports like football or soccer are dangerous for jewelry too, because not only do hard blows damage jewelry and injure the people involved, but it is easy to lose earrings, rings and bracelets. Other everyday activities, like gardening or cleaning, can expose your jewelry to chemicals and physical damage.

Keeping your jewelry clean is vital if you want it to last. Clean your jewelry with care – and with the right products. Professional jewelry cloths are best, as paper towels and tissue contain fibers that can scratch stones and metals. Regular soap can cause a film to form and make your stones appear dull. At Harris Jewelers, we offer a cleaning solution made specifically for fine jewelry. Our jewelry cleaner comes with a gentle brush. This solution should only be used for gold and platinum jewelry, not for inlay or silver. When in doubt, bring your jewelry in to Harris’ Jewelers for a professional cleaning. When we clean your jewelry, we also inspect it for loose prongs, loose stones or other potential problems, so that we can prevent any serious damage from taking place, or make any needed repairs.

When you purchase jewelry at Harris’ Jewelers, you’re buying timeless pieces that are meant to last forever. So make sure to remove your jewelry when you’re participating in sports or doing anything that could expose your jewelry to chemicals. And remember to bring your fine jewelry in to Harris’ Jewelers for professional cleaning at least twice a year – we like to see you and your jewelry often. Treating your jewelry with the respect it deserves guarantees that it will stay looking great for years to come.

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