Antwerp diamonds are revered throughout the world for good reason. Their perfection is unparalleled. Diamond brokers who travel the world in search of the most superb diamonds always put Antwerp, Belgium on their list of destinations.

At Harris Jewelers, we’re committed to bringing you the best diamonds in the world. Owner and diamond broker Janelle Mead carries the distinction of being a member of the Master Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO). Her membership earns her the privilege of meeting directly at buying offices in Antwerp.

Create stunning jewelry pieces with Antwerp diamonds

Antwerp diamonds make a fine addition to any custom design jewelry. You can take pride in your custom-designed pieces when they showcase only the best diamonds in the world. Diamond brokers with a seat at the table in Antwerp can sort through thousands of carats of diamonds to hand-select only the best.

Whether you’re looking for a 4.00-carat Vivid Pink Diamond or a 1.00-carat ideal diamond, Janelle can find it for you. Give us a call or stop by our Rio Rancho location to create your unique elegant jewelry piece using Antwerp diamonds.