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Bridal Rings Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Beauty

by Shari Berg 20 Jun 2023
A groom places the wedding ring on the hand of his bride.

Your bridal rings are more than exquisite jewelry. They’re a lasting symbol of your love and commitment to your partner. Engagement rings and wedding bands hold immeasurable value. They deserve the best care and attention to stay as radiant and beautiful as the day you exchanged your vows.

Regular cleanings and inspections, plus other protective measures, are about more than preserving the aesthetic appeal of your bridal rings. Taking proper care of your investment safeguards the emotional significance they hold.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some maintenance tips to keep your rings looking brand new. We also answer some of the most important questions about bridal ring maintenance, including:

  • Why is bridal ring maintenance important?
  • How often should bridal rings be cleaned?
  • What are the best practices for daily care?
  • How do you store bridal rings properly?
  • What should you do if your bridal rings get damaged?
  • Can you resize your bridal rings?
  • How do you protect your investment in bridal rings?

Why is bridal ring maintenance important?

Bridal ring maintenance is important for sustaining the sparkle and shine of gemstones and precious metals. Every scratch, dullness, or loose stone detracts from their beauty.

Even diamonds can lose their luster over time if they get covered in a layer of dirt and grime from everyday wear. Polishing and cleaning keeps your diamonds and other gemstones looking their best.

Grime and other pollutants that cling to your rings don’t just affect their sheen. It can irritate those with sensitive skin. Just like your hands, your bridal rings are a hotspot for bacteria and other germs. If you fail to clean them regularly, that grossness transfers to your fingers and hands and can make you sick.

Failing to maintain your bridal rings also impacts their overall value. If their integrity becomes compromised due to neglect, your rings depreciate.

A sonic jewelry cleaner that's used to clean bridal rings and other jewelry.

How often should bridal rings be cleaned?

How often you clean your bridal rings depends on several factors. One is how often you wear them. The other is what materials and gemstones are used in the ring.

If you wear your rings every day, they require more frequent cleaning. Most jewelers recommend weekly cleanings to keep bacteria from building up and to maintain the brilliance of the diamonds and other gemstones.

Once a month, you can use a non-abrasive, chemical-free solution, and a soft cloth to buff your rings. This protects against scratches and restores the metal’s shine.

Diamond rings may need more frequent cleaning than other gemstones to maintain their luster. You don’t have to worry about frequent cleaning damaging your diamonds. They’re resilient and can withstand regular cleanings.

Cleaning your bridal rings at home

Cleaning your bridal rings at home is OK if you use cleaners recommended by your jeweler. Some cleaners contain harsh abrasives that can cause scratches in the metal and damage your diamonds and other gemstones.

Another reliable option for cleaning your rings at home is using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. They’re easy to use and work on most jewelry. Make sure you’re using one that’s highly rated.  You also can ask your jewelry which model they recommend.

A woman wearing red gardening gloves plants flowers in a flower bed. She's removed her bridal rings to prevent damage while working.

What are the best practices for daily care?

In between regular cleaning, there are daily steps you can take to protect your ring. One of the best practices most jewelers recommend is to remove your rings before doing strenuous activities like exercising, gardening, and other manual work.

Some of the other best practices for daily care include:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals found in cleaning products, beauty products, and even some hand lotions. Exposure to these substances can tarnish your metals and dull your gemstones. Wearing gloves doesn’t always guarantee protection. It’s best to remove and safely store your rings.
  • Check for loose stones or other damage at the end of each day. Diamonds may be one of the hardest materials on earth, but it doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. If you strike them at the right angle, you can cause small chips or breaks.
  • Store them separately from other jewelry when not wearing them to avoid scratches. Never use jewelry dishes with ring stackers because they can cause damage to your rings. A soft compartment or container is best.
A white ring box with black velvet inside holds a diamond solitare engagement ring.

How do you store bridal rings properly?

Storing your bridal rings properly is one of the best practices for daily care. Proper storage prevents damage or loss when you’re not wearing them.

One of the most important tips for what to do with your rings when you’re not wearing them is to keep them away from other jewelry to prevent scratches. Different metals and gemstones can cause damage when they touch one another. Use individual pouches to keep rings separated and protected.

Other tips for safe storage include:

  • Avoid excess heat and moisture. Store your rings in a cool, dry environment to protect the metal and gemstones.
  • Buy a travel case. Any time you travel, make sure you use a travel case to temporarily store your rings safely. These compact cases have soft interiors and provide an additional layer of protection while you’re on the move.
  • Use a dedicated ring box. Your bridal rings likely came in separate boxes from the jewelers. Ideally, you should store each ring in its dedicated box when you’re not wearing them.

If you won’t be wearing your rings for a prolonged period, consider putting them in a soft box and placing them in a safe or other secure location within your home to protect from accidental damage or theft.

What should you do if your bridal rings get damaged?

Even if you follow all recommended guidelines for daily care of your rings, they can still get damaged through no fault of your own. If you discover your rings are chipped, scratched, or have loose stones or prongs, get to a jeweler specializing in bridal rings.

Seeking the expertise of a jeweler with experience in ring repairs is the best recourse available. They can assess the damage and provide an estimate for repair.

Even if the damage seems minor, it’s best to temporarily stop wearing your rings until you can get them examined by a professional.

A jeweler experienced in bridal rings resizing uses special tools to resize a wedding band with intricate designs.

Can you resize your bridal rings?

Your hands may change over time. You may gain (or lose) weight or find yourself prone to water retention that affects the fit of your rings on your finger.

The good news is you don’t have to stop wearing your bridal rings if they become too tight or loose. You can take them to a jeweler that specializes in ring resizing to have them refitted.

Some rings can’t be resized because of the metals and other materials used in them. Gold, platinum, and silver are generally easier to resize compared with metals like tungsten or titanium. The same holds true for custom bridal rings with complex or intricate designs.

Working with a reputable jewelry repair service is the best way to ensure your resizing without causing any issues with the design or structural integrity of the rings.

How do you protect your investment in bridal rings?

Many couples spend up to 3 months’ salary on bridal rings. You can protect your investment by following a few recommended steps.

  • Buy insurance coverage. Even if you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance coverage, it may not be enough to cover the full cost of your bridal rings. Buying coverage specifically tailored to your jewelry protects against damage, disappearance, loss, and theft.
  • Follow ring care best practices. Commit to following the best practices for bridal ring care listed above to ensure they stay brilliant and intact for years to come.
  • Get regular appraisals. Most insurance companies require an appraisal before providing coverage of your bridal rings. Seeking regular appraisals ensures you have the most accurate market value.
  • Keep detailed records. Document information about your rings such as certificates of authenticity, insurance coverage, and receipts for maintenance or repairs.
  • Schedule routine inspections. Visit your trusted jeweler regularly to have your rings inspected. They can spot any potential issues early – loose stones, worn prongs – to prevent more significant damage.

Preserve the magnificence of your bridal rings

Harris Jewelers celebrates the significance of your bridal rings. We want to help you keep them looking magnificent for years to come. Stop by our showroom to have your wedding rings inspected or cleaned. Our skilled jewelers can address any concerns you have and answer any of your questions about proper ring maintenance while you’re here.

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