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Fine Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2023

by Shari Berg 04 Jan 2023
Fine Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2023

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift yourself with a piece—or two—of fine fashion jewelry from your favorite Albuquerque jewelry store. Investing in jewelry for yourself is one of the fine fashion jewelry trends for 2023. So go ahead and treat yourself!

Whether you’re interested in adding a piece of luxury jewelry to your collection or have your sights set on designing the perfect custom jewelry piece, consider pieces that reflect your interests and personality. It’s yet another fine fashion jewelry trend designers have noted for the upcoming year.

Want to make sure you’re on point with all your jewelry decisions during the new year? Harris Jewelers, your Albuquerque jewelry store for high-quality pieces, can help. Stop by our showroom to explore the following trends and find the perfect pieces to match each one.

Fine fashion jewelry trend #1 – emeralds

You can’t go wrong when adding bracelets, earrings, or rings that feature precious gemstones. For 2023, emeralds are in the spotlight. Emeralds are one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones, often earning the nickname “precious stone.”

The birthstone of May, emeralds also signify spring. Some cultures believe wearing it can increase fortune and positive energy in your life.

Need some advice on how to add emeralds to your fine fashion jewelry collection? Consider replacing a classic diamond tennis bracelet with a combination of emeralds and diamonds instead. Or you can swap a pair of diamond stud earrings with emeralds.

fine fashion jewelry trends 2023 signet

Fine fashion jewelry trend #2 – signet rings

Here’s a fine fashion jewelry trend for 2023 for the guys. Signet rings are making a big comeback. Once upon a time, they were worn as a symbol of power. Noblemen would engrave the family crest into a signet and wear it with pride. Pieces would be passed down among the generations to continue to denote societal standing.

Today, the signet ring has morphed into the perfect way to engage in self-expression. Family crests have been replaced with gemstones and symbols of personal significance to the wearer.

If you have something special in mind with a signet ring, stop by our Albuquerque jewelry store and talk to our master jeweler. We can work with you to create an authentic custom signet ring that perfectly aligns with your interests and personality.

fine fashion jewelry trends 2023 personalization

Fine fashion jewelry trend #3 – personalized jewelry

Speaking of custom-designed jewelry, another hot trend for 2023 is including personalized pieces in your fine fashion jewelry collection. At our Albuquerque jewelry store, we can design personalized jewelry to match a specific outfit or that’s casual enough to be worn with anything.

One of the most popular ways to personalize your jewelry is by wearing your initials. Our names are an important part of our identities. Whether you choose a necklace that features the initial of your first or last name, or a bracelet that bears your birthstone, the sky is the limit in how you can express yourself this year.

fine fashion jewelry trends 2023 hearts

Fine fashion jewelry trend #4 – hearts

Hearts aren’t just for expressing love. They can denote stamina and longevity, or a caring personality. No matter what hearts mean to you, they can be featured prominently on your fine fashion jewelry pieces for 2023.

From heartbeat necklaces to earrings with heart-shaped gemstones, our master jeweler can design hearts creatively to suit your preferences.

fine fashion jewelry trends sterling silver

Fine fashion jewelry trend #5 – sterling silver

Sterling silver – everything – is going to be hot in 2023. That includes the fine fashion jewelry bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings you choose to add to your collection this year.

Sterling silver can be a viable metal alternative if you’re not fond of 14K gold or want to mix things up a bit. Harris Jewelers offers a variety of sterling silver pieces at our Albuquerque jewelry store. Stop by our showroom to explore your options.

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