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4 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Proposal

by Shari Berg 20 Dec 2022
4 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Proposal

Most people assume Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday for getting engaged. After all, it is a day dedicated to celebrating love.

But … they’d be wrong.

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day for confessing your eternal love to your sweetie before presenting the most impeccable diamond to seal the deal. Christmas Day continues to top the list of the preferred date to pop the big question.

With the holiday fast approaching, you’ve probably already visited Albuquerque jewelry stores in search of the perfect engagement ring. At Harris Jewelers, we believe in giving you the tools you need to succeed with your holiday proposal. That includes some helpful tips that extend beyond stopping by our Albuquerque jewelry store to make your big purchase.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, here are four ways you can stage the perfect holiday proposal to go with that picture-perfect ring.

perfect holiday proposal

1 – Determining an audience

Some people choose to make their proposals a very public affair. They may ask for help from a local restaurant to hide the ring in a dessert or champagne glass. Others may opt to pop the question in front of their family and friends during gift opening.

If you think you want to make your profession of undying love in front of others, make sure your beloved would appreciate sharing that special moment with others. Public proposals are popular, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for every couple.

Even if your fiancé-to-be is an introvert, they may value sharing their special moment with close family and friends versus total strangers.

Determine your audience so you get your special moment just right.

2 – Choose a holiday backdrop

Part of the magic of proposing during the holiday season is capitalizing on the feelings of love and light that seem to hang in the air. You can use the holiday to your advantage to create a truly unique proposal that involves more than you getting down on one knee to present the ring.

There are many holiday events to choose from to stage your special moment. Visit a local holiday light show for a warm and glowing backdrop. Consider creating a “nesting” gift box series for the engagement ring, having your special someone slowly get to the big surprise.

Maybe you just want to stage your special moment at home in front of your own holiday tree or decorations. The possibilities are endless.  

3 – Avoid family gift exchanges

It might seem like the perfect opportunity to propose because all your loved ones are present for the big moment. However, it’s best to avoid family gift exchanges when popping the question for several reasons.

First, they can be a bit chaotic. You don’t want your beloved to feel overwhelmed by the pandemonium on their special day. If everyone is busy opening presents, it can lessen the impact of your special moment.

Second, it takes away from the gift exchange experience for other family members. Everyone wants to have their moment to open their present and ooh and ahh over it, making the giver and the receiver feel special.

perfect holiday proposal lighting

4 – Capture your special moment

Most couples want to remember their special moment. Arranging for a trusted friend or family member to snap some photos of the proposal can be part of the perfect holiday proposal. There’s more to pulling this off successfully than finding the right person and a camera. You must make sure the lighting is suitable.

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when photographing their engagement is failing to have adequate lighting. If you’ve proposed in front of the Christmas tree, you may think the twinkling lights on the tree are enough to create a quality photo. (Trust us, they’re not).

Make sure the person taking the photo has access to a quality flash. Most smartphones with decent cameras have built-in flashes that can adjust to take the perfect photo. If you’re using an old-school digital camera, adjust the lighting in the room so that it’s well-lit.

Planning the perfect holiday proposal

Need some additional tips on how to store or wrap your engagement ring to make the moment even more special. Stop by our Albuquerque jewelry store to talk with one of our jewelry specialists. We want to help make your big proposal a success. 

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