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Ring in the Holidays with Harris Jewelers

by Shari Berg 08 Dec 2022
Ring in the Holidays with Harris Jewelers

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful. Choosing a gift that adequately expresses your adoration or admiration for someone requires equal parts imagination and determination. You want your gifts to be meaningful, not just something you check off your December to-do list. Gift recipients feel extra special when they know you’ve put in the work to find the perfect gift.

Ring in the holidays with Harris Jewelers and find the best selection of fine fashion jewelry rings for your family and friends. Whether they like the latest trend of stackable rings or favor the eye-catching sheen of quality diamonds, you can find a ring to suit every person on your holiday shopping list this season.

holiday rings stackable

Do rings make good holiday gifts?

Yes, absolutely! Men and women equally adore receiving a carefully selected fine fashion ring or custom designed ring as a holiday gift. There are many reasons why people love receiving a ring during the gift-giving season.

  • Jewelry symbolizes love. Selecting a piece of jewelry requires intention. You must learn a bit about the style of the person you intend to gift it to, which means spending some quality time together. Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving – which means the recipient is reminded of how much you care every time they put it on their finger.
  • Jewelry is customizable. You can make your gift of a ring stand out from others’ presents this holiday season by choosing a design that speaks to the recipient’s style or personality.
  • Jewelry is versatile. No matter the size of your budget, you can find a ring that fits your needs. Not sure what to choose? Our jewelry specialists can help.

What are the best rings for wearing every day?

You can’t go wrong with some stackable rings as a holiday gift. This fine fashion jewelry trend has staying power, so the recipient can enjoy wearing them for years to come. Plus, they are the perfect style of ring for wearing every day, regardless of whether you work in an office or spend your days volunteering with your favorite nonprofit organization.

With stackable rings, you can’t have just one. If you plan to give stackable rings as a gift, make sure you get at least two – three is better – to include in the ring box.

Mixing and matching designs and metals is another reason why stackable rings make a good gift for everyday wearing. Get creative with the rings you choose and don’t be afraid to find pieces that express the recipient’s unique fashion sense.

holiday rings gemstones

What are the best rings for formal occasions?

Giving more formal rings is a gift idea best reserved for a loved one. Whether that’s a child, a spouse, or your significant other, they’ll feel your love every time they wear it. Formal occasion rings usually feature gemstones. Sometimes they can include a mixture of diamonds and other gemstones for a more eye-catching design.

Choosing the right gemstone is important when giving a ring as a holiday gift. Some people enjoy rings that feature their birthstones. Others appreciate a combination of gemstones like garnets, sapphires, and diamonds.

If you’re not sure what kind of gemstone the recipient might like, pay attention to the color combinations they frequently wear. Everyone has a favorite color. Choose a gemstone that matches the receiver’s preferred hue.

What size ring should you buy?

It can be tricky buying a ring as a gift if you’re unsure of sizing. If the person you intend to give the ring to lives under the same roof, the smartest thing to do is make a tracing of the inside circumference of the band of one of their current rings. A master jeweler can use tracing to determine size.

Can’t get access to one of their current fine fashion jewelry rings for approximate size? Go larger than you think you’ll need. As a rule, it’s easier to size up rather than down. To make a bigger ring smaller, jewelers take out a piece. If a jeweler must make more room, they do it by cutting the bottom of the ring (the shank) open, pulling it apart, and adding a metal bridge to fill the opening.

Rely on Harris Jewelers for the best holiday rings

Harris Jewelers has one of the most extensive collections of fine fashion jewelry rings for the holiday season in the Greater Albuquerque area. Stop by our Rio Rancho showroom today to explore available rings. Our jewelry specialists are always happy to help you select a ring that perfectly captures the spirit of holiday giving. 


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